[fic] The Wicked #3/??

oopsies~~ didn't post #2 here...oh well, it's here now! maybe I'll do every other one anyway. So I don't clog things up with just me, me, me ^^

The Wicked
Chapters: 3 /?
Author:   </font></b></a>sabersenshi 
Band(s): GazettE/ alice nine./Miyavi
Pairing: Aoi/Hiroto, Kai/Nao/Miyavi..and others… ^^
Rating: up to NC-17
Warnings: Um… AU, fantasty, violence, crack?..and SMUT..
Summary: The world is divided. Being run by different factions. Here’s one sides story.
Disclaimer: *sniffles* They're Not Mine.
Notes: THIS is my crack-pairing-fic. *wiggles eyebrows* At least they’re crack to me…except for Kai and Miyavi..but I guess the crack is adding Nao to the mix?
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chapter 1
chapter 2
chapter 3

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[fic] The Wicked #1/??

Title: The Wicked
Chapters: 1/?
Author:  sabersenshi 
Genre:  fantasy, Au
Warnings: Au, fantasy, mild violence, probable crack and eventually smut
: up to NC-17
Pairings/Characters: GazettE, alice nine., Miyavi 
Synopsis: The world is divided. Being run by different factions. This is one side's story. 
Comments: I'm branching out, testing myself to write 'new' pairings.
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Chapter #1

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Well... I haven't been on lj in quite awhile, I was rather busy with work. but here i am, post a sketch (again) ^^;

this's a goodbye present for my friend
atsu_aki , she's going to college far away from me . but still, keepintouch bibeh!!

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Oh geez 24 members!?!

Well I'm celebrating tonight!! haha.

I really would love to get this community moving, and I don't know what I should do to help with that.

I was thinking of making this a JMusic community because a lot of my downloads are mixed Jpop and Jrock.

But then I don't know if any of you would leave? Especially since Jpop fans tend to...well be FANGIRLY...I mean full fledged non Jrock liking I don't want to ruin the community by doing this...but I think this may help it?

Or does anyone have any suggestions?

Hell anything would help right now XD

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W00t! Since we've gotten so many awesome comments, and by so many I mean fourXD We made another one last night!8D It's Mr. Romantic by Dollis Marry! We were deciding on it last night to do today but just ended up going in my mom's empty excersize roomXD So don't think it's my room!D< I'm not that lame!!

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Hello All! Well, I wanted to share alittle video me and my friend made:3 It's jrockXD well, more jpop cause it's techno and just thought it lighten everyone's mood!8D It's nothing specialXD just me and my friend acting like complete retards. Hope you enjoy!

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Hello all~!! I would love to get this community more active and have more members, ETC.

So does anyone have any suggestions that we could use?

I'm thinking of a contest, but what I would really love is if someone could help promote us in other communities, their profiles ETC.

What do you all think?


Also affiliates? We would love more! Just comment here.
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